Trade Menu Printing is a kind of printing that is being used by the Restaurant owners to portray the items. The items may include both: drinks as well as food that are being served to the guests. In 21st Century, food business is growing well but there is a lot of competition within the industry. It is important for restaurant businessesto concentrate on ambience and along with that trade menu printing. Following points must be taken care of during trade menu printing. Have a look:


Trade Menu Printing


1. Divide the printing sections according to different food items

During trade menu printing, one should make sure that the food items must be headed under the proper headings. The drinks like: Soda, Coke etc. should be headed under beverages. Sweet dishes like - Rasmalai, Kheer, Rabri must be headed under Sweets. Similarly, Paneer Tikka, Dahi Kabab and Chaap must be headed under the Snacks. For each category; it is important to showcase the right combination of colors and designs suitable to the particular category.


2.  Always follow the logical sequencing of placing food items.

While trade menu printing, one must make sure that firstly Soups, Snacks should be the part of the Menu. Afterwards, Main Course should arrive and finally the sweet dishes. It will make easy for the customers to search for dishes by arranging items sequentially. And also into the logical groups starting with the appetizers.


3. The printing of photographs must be eye catching.

Many research have proved that a human mind always gets to see the images first and then the text. Photographs play a huge role when it comes to the food menu. It’s always best to use quality photos for getting amazing prints. The quality prints appeal to the customer’s imagination leaving image of quality of food in the mind. Hence, it becomes important to use catchy photographs for trade menu printing. 


4. Avoid printing currencies in the oversized manner 

Most of the times, it has been noted that the currencies are highlighted with the oversized font while illustrating dishes. It’s better to omit them. Studies have proved that the customers don’t give good vibes seeing currency signs. They feel that they have been reminded that huge money to be paid. So, it’s always better to avoid currency printing during trade menu printing.

5. Prefer using boxes during Menu printing designs

Boxes draw huge attention to a group of menu items. The box based menu designs are often used by the restaurants in order to promote dishes with the highest profit margins.  Boxes don’t create confusing menus. Rather, they will help you to land up at your choice of dishes.

6. Use attractive colors and Typography

Effective typography always results into a legible menu. Typography enhances the beauty of Trade Menu Printing.  By using more than one typeface, one can distinguish the names and descriptions of menu items. This will help guide customers through the menu. Select colors on the basis the target audience and the theme of the restaurant. Different colors have different psychological effects on a viewer. So, the color scheme should be selected in a way that can help set the mood of a restaurant. It must also draw attention to certain food items. 

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