In today’s 21st century, modern print technology has helped Wholesale Printing companies cut costs, meet deadlines and improve efficiencies. It’s a high time that every print service provider must install hi-tech printing machineries to help businesses boost revenue. The print technology advancements are helping organizations all over the world to initiate strategic leaps forward. Let’s have a look at the top 7 technology advancements that one must know about Wholesale Printing



1. Automation

Human mind is not perfect. It may lead to various errors that can badly impact throughput as well as profit margins. The best advantage of print automation is that it can easily handle soft as well as hard proofing. Hence, in today’s competitive environment, the automated machines are highly recommended for Wholesale Printing

2. Proper workflows

By installing new print technology, you can take jobs as printing booklets with multiple inserts and automate the entire process. When you witness hitting higher number of pages-per-minute, you begin to automate workflows that were previously carried out manually. New print technology allows you to take jobs such as printing booklets along with multiple inserts.  Wholesale printing providers can complete the jobs perfectly by automating the entire process.

3. Introduction to new color & the toner technology

The print advancement is almost invisible; however, it makes a huge difference to the bottom line and the finished product. For example: automatic color technology always checks for stability and density. Also, if you would introduce Wholesale printing, the new generation of toner uses emulsion aggregation. It would help reduce service cost, sharpen image quality and reduce energy usage. 

4. Image enhancement mechanism

Unlike the past technology, the new presses help offer built-in tools for image enhancement. The new class printer automatically brings improvement to lower quality imagery. Brightness and color adjustments can be easily made by the print devices.  This would result into a higher quality print every time. 

5. Faster presses

With hi-tech Wholesale printing services, speed of 100 PPM can easily be achieved, even if you want to use 350 GSM or the coated paper. Thanks to the new generation of presses. 


Embrace new printing technologies that help improve speed and quality of output. The newly advanced wholesale printing helps gain a competitive advantage and overcome competition. The new technology will help you deliver smarter Wholesale printing services. So, go and get acquainted with new digital printing technologies. They will help you grow and conquer the diverse challenges.