This has been confirmed that no matter what the digital advancements has been done in terms of digital marketing. The importance of wholesale trade printer will never go down. Still, the audience gets influenced seeing the brand on big billboards, standees or hoardings. They love to look at the flyers and get a glimpse over the features and advantages of print media. Wholesale trade printer offer wholesale printing for resellers to Graphic designers, print brokers, copy shops and other printing companies etc. Let’s look at the major 5 services being offered by the Toronto Wholesale Trade Printer:

1. Banners & Banner stands:

Everybody knows what the banner is. That’s a long strip of vinyl or related material in which the company contains names. Also contain essential details printed for promotion purpose. It usually includes slogans or catchy promotional lines printed on it. Banners catch the viewer’s attention instantly. Benefits of banners offered by Wholesale Trade Printer include the following:

  • People can easily recall your name

  • Portable

  • Cost-effective

  • Targets the right audience

Whereas the banner stand holds the banner in the most correct form. There are mainly 2 kinds of banner stands depending upon the business needs of outdoor and indoor signs. Have a look:

  • X - Type and L-Type Banner Stands

  • All Portable Banner Stands


2. Wristbands:

Wristbands are popular marketing collaterals offered by Wholesale Print Trader for company promotion. In an industry meeting, trade show, or an exhibition, you can make your employees wear similar and customized wristband. This makes them recognizable from a distance. Generally the wristbands are offered in two types. Silicone wristbands are great marketing giveaways or awareness.  Whereas, the other one Tyvek wristbands are great for parties & events purpose allowing re entry of guests.

3. Large Format Printing:

Large Format Printing is another kind of marketing collateral. It is usually done to print the company logo or the name in the large format. These large format prints can be easily used outside the office. So that, the people can easily locate it from the distance. Wholesale trade printer usually suggest large format printing in the form of promotional signage, event announcement, showrooms and oversized banners. 


4. Business Cards:

Marketing collateral mostly offered by the Wholesale Trade Printer is business cards. These are highly preferred by the business owners because of its compact size and portability. They are really useful while telling someone about your business, areas of operation, contact number and address. Business cards instantly convey the basic business details, so that people can easily contact you. At TradePrint.Online, one can avail variety of color business cards from UV Coated to Painted Edges to Silk Matte Laminated etc. 


5. Table Covers:

The table covers can have various company name, logo or tagline or any other image or text printed on a table cover. These table covers can be used for the trade show, business outlets and the exhibition. It gives boost to the brand identity and let it stand out from the crowd. Definitely, the size of table covers may vary according to the requirements. 

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